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Based on a True Story (trailer), 2015.
Claire French: choreographer
Caitlin Griffin: dancer
Marina Hasselberg: cello
The Moment of Forgetting (excerpt), 2012 (revised 2015). 
Restless Productions. Claire French: choreographer
Dancers: Daelik, Vanessa Goodman, Walter Kubanek, Delphine Leroux, and Darcy McMurray
Musicians: Mark Haney, Marina Hasselberg, Mark McGregor, Marcus Takizawa
Just a Minute, 2013
3√60 Collective 
Allison Beda: director/producer
Claire French: choreographer
Dancer: Jennifer Clarke
Air Filled with Promise (excerpt), 2013
Helen Walkley: choreographer
Dancers: Deanna Peters, Bevin Poole, Olivia Schafer
CTO rehearsal 01
Call to Order, 2012
Kathleen Ritter: visual artist/co-creator
Musicians: Peggy Lee (cello), Jon Bentley (alto saxophone), and Chris Gestrin (piano)
Call to Order is the musical sound of an organization. Using the minutes from board meetings as the harmonic framework for a potential musical score, Call to Order is a proposition: What does the administration of an organization sound like?
Call to Order: PAARC - Peggy Lee, Jon Bentley, Chris Gestrin
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Double Variations (excerpt), 2012
Ballet Kelowna. Simone Orlando/Joe Laughlin: choreographers
Standing Wave Séance, 2010.
Hadley+Maxwell: Visual Artists
Seattle Art Museum, "Kurt"
Computer-generated, 3-channel sound, guitar amp, PA speakers, home stereo speaker, drawing, sculpture, light bulb controlled by light organ.
Standine Wave Séance (live audio excerpt) - Hadley+Maxwell
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How is Sleep Beautiful (excerpt), 2009.
Helen Walkley: choreographer/performer.
A Storied Sea (excerpt) - Maxwell/Johnson
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Intersections: A Storied Sea (excerpt), 2009. 
The Wester Front.
Caleb Johnson: co-creator
Jeremy Berkman: trombone
Narration from source recordings of Johnson's grandfather.
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