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TBD 2018

The Piano & Erhu Project

New work for piano and erhu

TBD 2018

Turning Point Ensemble + Couloir

Double concerto for Cello, Harp, Large ensemble, and soundscape

November 72017 (1pm, 10:15pm)

ISCM World New Music Days 2017

Redshift Music, Vertical Orchestra

That thing, over there (pointing): for 8 electric guitars

November 4-5, 2017 (11am)

ISCM World New Music Days 2017

Instruments of Change/Music On Main

Eight or Nine, Six or Seven: for 2 percussion, trumpet, 6 trombones, tuba, and an unspecified number of community percussionists playing found object instruments, with soundscape

May 20-30, 2015

EDAM Dance, "Footnotes"
Based on a True Story, for dancer and cellist

The Wester Front, Vancouver

April 9, 2015

The Moment of Forgetting
Restless Productions

ArtSpring, Salt Spring Island

July 17-20, 2014

The Orpheus Project
recurrere, for 2 flutes

emancipare, for piccolo, bass flute, viola, and harpsichord

The CULTCH, Vancouver


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